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Con Kasterborous 2018

Con K 2018 will be held at The Westin on Bridgestreet.


The Westin Hotel rooms are ready for you. The con rate is $149.00 a night. Below is the link to make your reservations.

Click the link below and it will take to the reservation page. See you in June 2018!!!



There are many, many places to eat in town, we have it all. Below are just a few places close by to the event location that you may be interested in. There are plenty more choices on this list, best thing to do is hit up Google Maps for them all, or just drive and browse. Please note that in this economy, it’s very possible that a restaurant may close or change during the time this was written and the time of the Con.

The Westin has a full service restaurant, and Bridgestreet has plenty of restaurants in walking distance. Clicking on the hyperlink will take you to a listing of nearby eateries.

Thrift Stores

Uh oh…need that last piece for your costume? Want to put one together in a hurry? Thrift Shops usually provide good results, and Huntsville has a lot of them! Here’s a list of the ones in town, as well as a map on how to get to them.

Other Places of Interest

We hope that you would want to stay with us during Con hours, but we understand that you may have family with you and you may want to check out other locations during your stay. Below are just a few interesting things that Huntsville has to offer. Be sure to check out their websites for more information as well as directions on how to get to there!

Space & Rocket Center

Home to Space Camp, and Aviation Challenge; The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is recognized as one of the most comprehensive U.S. manned space flight hardware museums in the world. Facilities include the Spacedome Theater, Rocket Park, the Education Training Center, which houses NASA’s Educator Resource Center, and more. The Davidson Center for Space Exploration is like no other in the country. In its 476 foot long, 90 foot wide and 63 foot high structure, suspended 10 feet above the floor, is a national historic treasure, the mighty Saturn V, restored to its Apollo era readiness.

Visitors to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center will experience Huntsville’s role in the making of the moon rocket, the space race, the Apollo missions, learn about the Space Shuttle program, the International Space Station and NASA’s future missions. Visitors may trace the evolution of humankind’s ventures into space and watch as tomorrow’s potential engineers, scientists and astronauts train in one of the Space Camp or Aviation Challenge Programs.

Botanical Gardens

The Huntsville Botanical Garden is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Huntsville. It has consistently made the “Top 20 Attractions in the Southeast” list. Located on Bob Wallace Avenue, the Huntsville Botanical Garden covers over 120 acres and has numerous festivals and activities to enjoy throughout the year. It is open year round and during the winter months, you can even bring your dog to the garden for a romp around the grounds.

Early Works Museum

Civil War soldiers, a Talking Tree and whimmy diddles – see them all at the EarlyWorks Museums- Alabama Constitution Village, the Historic Huntsville Depot and EarlyWorks Children’s History Museum. These three museums in downtown Huntsville will take you on a journey back in time– experience history come to life in unique settings such as a 46-foot river keelboat, an 1860’s era depot or the cabinet shop where delegates stood to sign the Alabama State Constitution in 1819. Your incredible adventure awaits at the South’s largest hands-on history museum complex.


Sci-Quest is a hands-on science center with more than 100 permanent, interactive exhibits in seven different subject areas. PlayMotion®, one of the exhibits, demonstrates technology advancements as it allows visitors to interact directly with projectors to play fun and educational games designed to enhance the imagination. They can catch falling planets and learn facts about the planet, or build trees around their shadows or play beach volleyball – all on the wall of the Science Center. Sci-Quest engages it youngest visitors with the Early Childhood House.

Children up to 7-years-old are introduced to basic sciences through highly interactive activities that encourage them to explore and learn. A music room introduces children to the sounds of the different types of instruments mounted on the wall, and they can dance across the piano keyboard in the floor. A scaled-down version of a kitchen allows children to use their imaginations to create a home environment while learning about nutrition. Other exhibit areas include elements of the human body, Earth sciences and electricity. Unlike a typical “museum,” Sci-Quest’s exhibits are designed to engage, educate and entertain.