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Prolific British composer Dominic Glynn, who revitalized Doctor Who’s classic theme for “Sixth Doctor” Colin Baker in 1986 and scored episodes of the series until its classic run ended in 1989, will be a headliner at Con Kasterborous 2018. The premiere southern Doctor Who convention is set for June 9-10, 2018, at the Westin in Huntsville, Alabama.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dominic Glynn to Huntsville for our seventh annual con,” said organizer Bonnie Auten, who created the event in 2012. “Dominic has been on our radar for ages, and we’re thrilled the stars have finally aligned to welcome him into the Con K family!”

Glynn was among the rare composers tapped to rearrange the iconic Doctor Who theme created in 1963 by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire. His version, used on TV during Season 23, remains the Sixth Doctor’s signature theme in new audios from Big Finish Productions. Glynn went on to compose incidental music for the Doctor Who TV episodes “The Mysterious Planet,” “The Ultimate Foe,” “Dragonfire,” “The Happiness Patrol” and “Survival.”

A regular writer for Universal Music Publishing Group and other production music libraries, Glynn’s composing credits range from the theme to the hit Dutch TV thriller “Vuurzee” to the interstitial Adult Swim “bumps” on the Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block. His work has appeared in episodes of “The Simpsons,” “American Idol,” “Red Dwarf,” “Dead Like Me” and “Eerie, Indiana,” as well as the film “Holy Man.” He scored the British thriller “Bad Day” in 2007, contributed to the 2011 documentary “You’ve Been Trumped” and its 2014 sequel, and composed the score to the 2014 movie “A Dangerous Game.” He also wrote music for “Blake’s 7” audio plays by B7 Productions, based on the late-70s cult TV series.

A stalwart of the alternative electronica field, Glynn runs the No Bones Records label, recording under the names “Fluid” and “Cybajaz” and with Justin Mackay as “Syzygy.” He is a regular DJ at the Big Chill music festival. He also composed music for the Acclaim Entertainment video games “Forsaken” — performing as The Swarm — and “Re-Volt.”

Glynn is the first Doctor Who celebrity guest announced for 2018. Auten is negotiating with a number of exciting additional stars of the series. He joins Welsh actress Catrin Stewart, who plays heroic 19th-century investigator “Jenny Flint,” wife of Madame Vastra and one-third of the Doctor’s Victorian era comrades the Paternoster Gang. Joining Glynn and Stewart will be perennial Con K favorites Kelly Yates, a celebrated Doctor Who comic book artist for IDW Publishing and Titan Comics, and actor/writer Ellie Collins, author of Empire Valley , Writer/Actress for the podcast. Blood Crow Stories and a former actor on the vampire series The Originals.

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Catrin Stewart

Catrin Stewart

Catrin Stewart is known to Doctor Who fans as Jenny Flint, part of the Paternoster Gang, and wife to the lizard woman from the dawn of time, Madam Vastra.



Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins was born and raised in Huntsville, AL. She was always artistic and creative, but in her high school days she discovered a deep love for the theater and costuming. Since then she’s created over one hundred costumes for herself and other actors and cosplayers. She’s won numerous awards, and has even been featured in magazines for her costuming work. Also, she has gone on to do seamstress work for film and television.10256959_830279550333882_945216507672045505_n

On top of her costuming work for screen, she has worked both in front of and behind the camera. Whether it be assistant directing, wardrobe, or even acting, she finds herself happy in all parts of film making. However, acting still remains her first love. She was featured on the first season of The CW’s “The Originals” as a recurring DayWalker vampire. It was a season she credits with reigniting her passion for all things creative.

Ellie has gone on to write “Empire Valley”. It was an idea she had mulled around for many years, then the drive to write finally came with 2011’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), where she wrote 50,000 words in the month of November. Since then, each year she participates and encourages others to participate in NaNoWriMo and follow their writing dreams.

You can find out more about her book “Empire Valley” here.

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Kelly Yates

Kelly Yates is an illustrator best known for his work on Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Doctor Who: The Forgotten and various covers and one-shots for IDW Publishing. In addition, his writes and illustrates the creator-owned books, Amber Atoms and MonstHer. His work also includes toy designs and movie design concepts for Hasbro properties such as Spider-Man and G.I. Joe.

His passion for art, especially comic book art, stems from a family road trip out to California when he was 12-years old. On the way back, his family stopped at Yellowstone National Park for the night and to his distress quickly discovered they had no TV’s in the entire building. Luckily, the gift shop had a few comic books and he’s been reading them ever since.

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