Jan 30 2017


We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be welcoming Neve McIntosh as a guest to this year’s event! McIntosh plays the Silurian Madam Vastra, a Silurian who is self-described as “Lizard Woman from the Dawn of Time”, a role she has played alongside both Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. She first appeared in Doctor Who playing the Silurian sisters Alaya and Restac alongside Smith’s Doctor in 2011 and has subsequently appeared as a villain up against the War Doctor in Big Finish’s Agents Of Chaos, starring the late John Hurt. She will also be appearing in Big Finish’s UNIT: Assembled box-set later this year.

Con Kasterborous is pleased to welcome a guest who not only helps us cover New Who but also means we’ll have guests from England, Scotland, and Wales in attendance!

We’re looking forward to chatting with her about her time on Doctor Who, both on-screen and off, and working with three different Doctors.