Con Chairs

Jenn Evans, Lori Brown, Bonnie Auten and Matthew Kresal

Here are our Con Chairs. These are the 4 Whovians work to bring you the best guest, venue and con experiences. They work throughout the year to make Con Kasterborous one of your favorite conventions. These are the faces you’ll see running around making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, but it couldn’t be done without our amazing staff of volunteers. Unfortunately, it’s a rather large staff, too many to name here, but they truly get the credit for making Con K great! (On a side note, you should make it a point to attend our Ask the Con Chairs panel. If you’ve ever had any questions about what goes into putting the Con on, or just want to hear some funny stories that goes on behind the scenes it’s the place to be!)


Bonnie Auten

Well, my staff told me that I had to write a bio, so here it is …. I had the pleasure of helping my daughter run Persacon for the  nine years. So, I figured it was time for me to put a staff together and start our own Con. I love being a Whovian, and fell in love with it right away. The first few times I watched it all I could say was “It’s weird, but I love it.” My first Doctor was the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, but I fell in love with Captain Jack right away. So, I think I should tell you all, my heart will always belong to Captain Jack Harkness.

Lori Brown

So, you want to know a little bit about me, eh? Well, I’m really not that interesting at all, just your all around nerd, theater rat kinda gal. Anything slightly off kilter, and I’m there. I love all things sci fi and paranormal. I started watching Doctor Who during Christopher Eccleston’s run, and thought it was fun, but wasn’t immediately hooked. But, not too long ago, a friend showed me some episodes with David Tennant, and I was a goner. I fell in love with our Time Lord and haven’t looked back. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell, and trust me, it gets cramped in a nutshell…..

Matthew Kresal

Matthew Kresal

Well I was born and raised in North Alabama but strangely never developed a southern accent and I’ve been mistaken for being from Minnesota on occasion. I first became a Doctor Who fan in January 2007 when I watched The Five Doctors-Special Edition DVD out of the local public library though I first encountered the Doctor via episode four of Planet Of Evil on BBC America back during the summer of 2000 which means I’m more of an old series fan than a new series fan but I like them both. Since then I have explored the Doctor Who universe in its TV, book, comic and especially audio glory. I’m an avid writer as well for numerous Doctor Who fanzines including The Terrible Zodin, Rassilon’s Rod, Fish Fingers And Custard and Whotopia. I also write the Sci-Fi Review column in the North Alabama arts & entertainment magazine The Valley Planet where I’ve been known to occasionally review Doctor Who materials as well.

Jenn Evans

I joined the Con K core staff in 2015. I attended the first Con K as an attendee, and was lucky enough to join the staff for our second year. Seeing so many kids attend inspired me to talk to Bonnie about a Kid Zone. Bonnie gave me free reign, and the Con K Kid Zone was born. Growing up I would watch Doctor Who on PBS with my Dad. Tom Baker is my first Doctor, and he will always be THE Doctor to me. I started binge watching the new series on Netflix several years ago while living in the Mojave Desert and I was hooked. I am mom to 3 boys and 1 girl who I am proud to say have become little Whovians.