CK2014 – Guest Annoucement: Andrew Cartmel

New for 2014 is Andrew Cartmel, the script editor for the 7th Doctor. Let’s give him a big welcome, catch his bio below!

Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

His work for BBC television includes a three year stint as the Script Editor on DOCTOR WHO during the Sylvester McCoy era. In collaboration with McCoy and a team of up and coming writers including Ben Aaronovitch, Rona Munro and Marc Platt, Cartmel fashioned a new brand of scripts for the show, arguably darker and more funny than their predecessors that established McCoy’s Doctor as a master-player in dangerous games, a weaver of cosmic strategies, and a powerful and towering enigma under alien skies.

Andrew Cartmel also presided over the introduction of the character of Ace as played by Sophie Aldred — quite possibly one of the most influential Doctor Who companions. And definitely the first to attack a Dalek with a baseball bat.

Together with his team of excellent writers — which also included Graeme Curry, Stephen Wyatt and Malcolm Kohll — Andrew Cartmel set about his Master Plan…
Which was to get the scripts to the production team on time.

Since those lively and memorable days, Andrew Cartmel has been commissioned to write scripts for the TV shows MIDSOMER MURDERS, DARK KNIGHT and TORCHWOOD. He has also toured as a stand-up comedian and his stage play UNDER THE EAGLE was hailed by Time Out London as ‘bitingly funny’.

He has also continued to have an association with DOCTOR WHO in its spin-off media ranging from comic strips in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE to novels for both the Virgin New Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures ranges. He returned to the role of Script Editor for four stories of Big Finish Productions DOCTOR WHO – THE LOST STORIES range which presented the stories that would have been the show’s twenty-seventh season in 1990.

Lately Andrew Cartmel has been devoting himself to writing crime novels, including a new series of mystery thrillers which feature a record collector turned sleuth.

Watch out for the Vinyl Detective.