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Nov 25 2019

** Guest Announcement**

We are thrilled to announce that Catherine Tate/Donna Noble will be joining us for Con K 2020!!!! There are no words to express the excitement we have in announcing her as our Premiere Guest. Actor and writer, Catherine Tate is well known in the UK and internationally for a diversity of work in television, film …

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Nov 11 2019

** Guest Announcement**

*** GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT*** We are so excited to announce that Eric and Eliza Roberts will be returning to Con Kasterborous!! They are such wonderful Guests and so much fun!! We are glad they would want to be with us again. Welcome Back!!! Eric Roberts is regarded as one of the hardest working men in Hollywood. …

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Sep 17 2019

Hotel Info

                                                                           We are so excited to return to the Holiday Inn Huntsville!!!  The Holiday Inn recently underwent $4,000,000 of …

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Jul 22 2019

*** Guest Announcement***

***GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT*** Since you have been so patient… We are happy to announce that the talented Kelly Yates will join us for 2020!! We are excited for him to be with us again… Kelly’s Bio::: I currently work full-time at VF Jeanswear as a Graphic Designer, and illustrate comic books part-time. I’m probably best known …

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May 13 2019

WE’RE BACK in 2020!!!!

Mar 17 2019

Con K Returns in 2020!!!

Yes We Will Be Back!!  As most all of you know we had to cancel the event for this year. We will be back in 2020!  ** Important Info** When you registered for the event, it stated No Refunds and Non-Transferable on the registration page. But, since we had to cancel the event, we will …

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Feb 26 2019

**Important Message**

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I wanted to answer a few questions that have been ask of me several times. I’ve been asked how many years I have been in the convention business? I have worked for or ran successful conventions for over 18 yrs now. It’s something that I truly love …

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Aug 10 2018

**A Message About Con K 2019**

You know how us Con Chairs are, always wearing a con shirt. It’s a great way to make friends if you haven’t tried it. We’ve had a few people come up to us with questions. There seems to be some confusion over Con K 2019. For starters yes, there will be a Con next year!! …

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Jun 29 2018

Con K 2018 Photo Links

Here are the links to all of the pics that our phtographer Chris Ellis from Boken Photo took con weekend. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you Boken Photo!! I apologize for now getting them posted sooner.     Photo Ops: Staff/Guests/Rocket Center/Vip Night: Cosplay Contest Images:   General Con Coverage:    

Jun 29 2018

Holiday Inn– Host Hotel

We are excited to return to the Holiday Inn/Research Park in Huntsville, AL. for Con Kasterborous 2020!!! See you in June 2020!!!!

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