Aug 10 2018

**A Message About Con K 2019**

You know how us Con Chairs are, always wearing a con shirt. It’s a great way to make friends if you haven’t tried it. We’ve had a few people come up to us with questions.

There seems to be some confusion over Con K 2019. For starters yes, there will be a Con next year!! Yes, we have changed venues and are returning to the Holiday Inn. Yes, it is a smaller venue. I personally missed Bonnie’s speech at closing ceremonies as I was taking care of our guest. There seems to be some confusion over what was said, or how it was meant. Rest assured Bonnie Auten is still the BOSS LADY. No need to fear that Lori, Matthew, and I are all you are left with. As Bonnie stated at closing ceremonies, we have gotten too big, and it’s lost the fun (at least for us con chairs). It’s just the 4 of us, and we like it that way, but we all have busy lives. We love bringing you the Con every year, and we want to continue to do so.

Our solution, take it back to the beginning. Get back to the basics and enjoy ourselves. We want to give you that Con K experience of being able to really interact on a one on one level with the guests that we bring. We hear you, and we listen. We know Con K has gotten too big for you too and with that comes more expense. We want everyone who wants to to be able to attend, and not be priced out of attending. We are still going to bring you the guests you want and ask for (at least the reasonable ones lol). And speaking of guests, we know most of you got to meet Colin Baker a couple of years ago, but we feel that some things were lacking that year due to the venue. We want to give you all a chance to meet him again sans issues, and if you’ve ever attended a con chair panel (if not you should) then you know the con chairs are in agreement that he is the one guest we’d love to bring back. And we have some more surprises for you too!

We are excited about Con K 2019, and we hope you are too!! So let’s get the word out and make Con K 2019 the best year yet!