Mar 26 2018

**Charity Announcement**


We are excited to announce our 2018 charity. It is The North Alabama Search Dog Association. They are an Amazing group of people doing great things in our area. They will be accepting monetary donations(cash or check) at their table in the lobby. Each donation will enter you to win a VIP Pass for 2019!!! 

The “Silence Auction” has so many great things to bid on too. All the proceeds will go to the group also!!


2018 Auction


The North Alabama Search Dog Association is an all-volunteer team that fields dogs for search and rescue missions. We specialize is using dogs to locate missing people such as hunters, children and Alzheimer patients. In the last 2 years, our dog teams have assisted in locating 2 Alzheimer Patients, a hunter and a hiker. We also perform human remains searches on land and water. Such land searches are necessary to support law enforcement with potential homicides and to locate missing people who have not been located over time. Water searches are often a key component of recovery after a person drowns as the dogs can narrow down the location of the deceased and aid in a quicker recovery for the family. As a team, we train nearly each week, making sure our dogs and handlers are capable of taking and maintaining national level certifications and reliably perform in search operations. We respond free of charge across the state of Alabama and also parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

We use donations in a variety of ways. We have regular funds we require, such as insurance and minimal equipment (replacements of radios etc). We highly recommend that our members attend outside training events to get a different perspective on their dogs and their training. As these events cost upwards of $350, we often apply for grants to help us decrease that cost to the handlers. If we have enough funds, we provide equipment to the team such as shirts, jackets, life jackets, radios, GPS and GPS dog collars. One of the particular items we are ‘saving’ for right now is a new boat for us to do water training. We have a small boat but it is very narrow and unstable, particularly with an active dog on the front working. We would like to minimally upgrade that boat to a slightly longer but wider version so that we can have more stability. We would also like to add a better motor than just a small electric motor.

Mar 21 2018

Doctor Who Trivia Night

Come join us for some fun and great prizes!!!!

April 17th @ 6:30pm at Urban Cookhouse at Bridge Street in Huntsville




Mar 05 2018


We have an Amazing Sponsor this year. Thank you to Haven Comics!!! We look forward to working with you!!!

haven logo for Con K

Haven Map

Located behind Heritage Florist & Gifts

Located in: Heritage Plaza

Address1871 Slaughter Rd R, Madison, AL 35758
Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday: Noon to 5pm
Wednesday: Noon to 7pm
Thursday: Noon to 7pm
Friday: Noon – 7pm
Saturday: 10am- 6pm

Sunday: Noon to 5pm


Mar 01 2018

Tshirt Logo Contest Winner!!!

We are excited to announce the winner of our tshirt logo contest!! The winner is Michael Snell.. !! Congratulations!!!

(we will be picking a second design for our programs)




Feb 22 2018

Con Info Tab

We have updated information about Autographs, Photo Ops and Pass Info in the Con Info Tab at the top of this page. Keep checking it for more info to be added in the following weeks. 

Feb 20 2018


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Urban Cookhouse for Con K 2018!!! The food,staff and service is the best in town. The best part is:: When you go there to eat over con weekend make sure you carry your badge with you. You will get 10% off of your meal and a Free brownie. Yummy!! They are giving us lots of prizes to give away at the con too.

So, make sure you eat there con weekend.. or if you are in the area before the con, stop by and have a meal. You won’t regret it! 


325 The Bridge Street, Suite #105

Huntsville, AL 35806  phone 256.585.3052

Dec 18 2017

Merry Christmas from the Con K staff!!



Nov 09 2017

Con Info

Click on the Con Info tab. There has been some info posted and we will be posting more info leading up to the con!!


2018 flyer



Oct 30 2017

Hotel Info

*** Hotel Info Announcement***

The Westin Hotel rooms are ready for you. The con rate is $149.00 a night.  Click on the Hotel tab to make your reservations and for more info!!
** if you have already made your reservation and want to change it to the con rate.. email me at and I will tell you how to change it**




Oct 03 2017

Premiere Guest




We are so excited and honored to announce our Premier Guest for 2018…..Mr. MARK SHEPPARD!!!

Thank you Rick for the “Official News Release”……

Joining the lineup for Con Kasterborous 2018, the premiere southern Doctor Who convention, is prolific actor Mark Sheppard, a fan favorite across popular science fiction and fantasy TV series: Doctor Who, Supernatural, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, Star Trek: Voyager, The X-Files, Sliders, Chuck, Dollhouse, Charmed, Medium, The Bionic Woman and more.
Best known to Doctor Who fans for his 2011 role as “Canton Delaware III,” a taciturn FBI agent who helps the Doctor repel an alien menace during the historic Apollo 11 moon launch, Sheppard will join Catrin Stewart, who plays Doctor Who’s mystery-solving Victorian heroine “Jenny Flint,” and classic Who composer Dominic Glynn, among other guests.
“It’s a thrill to welcome Mark to Con Kasterborous,” said show organizer Bonnie Auten, who founded the con in 2012. “Fans have been delighting in Mark’s charismatic performances and weird, wonderful characters for decades, from his menacing pyrokinetic killer in an early X-Files to conniving ‘Badger’ in Firefly, from Supernatural’s unforgettable ‘Crowley’ to Doctor Who’s heroic ‘Canton Delaware.’ It’s fair to say that any show is improved the moment Mark enters a scene —
The son of veteran British thespian Morgan Sheppard — who joined him on Doctor Who as an older “Canton Delaware,” reunited with the Doctor long after their encounter in 1969 — Sheppard got his acting start in the 1992-93 series Silk Stalkings and in the Oscar-nominated 1993 film In the Name of the Father. His other movie appearances include Lady in the Box, Evil Eyes, Unstoppable and Mysterious Island — which he also directed — and he held recurring roles on other series including White Collar, Leverage, 24 and Soldier of Fortune, Inc. He starred in an early 1990s production of Billy Hayes’ Cock and Bull Story, for which he received the 1992 L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle Award. He also voiced the protagonist of the 2009 videogame The Conduit, in which he was reunited with his father Morgan Sheppard, who played his mentor.
Before taking up acting, Sheppard was a trained musician who performed and toured with, among others, Robyn Hitchcock and the Television Personalities. As a session artist, he backed records cut by numerous bands across Europe. Since 2011, he’s been “The Voice” for BBC America, the cablenet that imports Doctor Who and other British entertainment stateside.

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