Guess WHO for 2015?

Con Kasterborous 2015 FlyerThat’s right – Paul McGann, Eric Roberts and Eliza Roberts all from the Doctor Who TV Movie will be coming to Huntsville for Con Kasterborous 2015!

Pre-reg will start soon!

2014 Con Kasterborous T-Shirts

T-Shirt Orders!!!!! We sold out of our beautiful tshirts at the con. But, you are in luck! We are taking orders for the next couple of weeks if you would like to get one. Email your size and how many tshirts you would like to order to The price is $10 for the tshirt and $5 to mail it to you. I will give you the payment info when I receive your email. The tshirt logo is shown below.



Con Kasterborous 2014 Wrapup – Pics / Videos / Articles



  • Sylvester McCoy - 7th Doctor / Radagast the Brown from The Hobbit
  • Garreth-David Lloyd – Ianto Jones from Torchwood
  • Andrew Cartmel – 7th Doctor Screenwriter
  • Lady Soliloque – Author of Enoch the Traveler 
  • Kelly Yates - Doctor Who Comic Book Artist
  • Jevocas “Java” Green – fan video creator of The Forgotten Doctor




Food Bank of North Alabama donation drive

Con Kasterborous attendees, we will have food barrels at the registration desk to donate to the Food Bank of North Alabama. Below is the list of things that the Food Bank really needs.  For those that do donate, you will be entered to win a VIP PASS for Con K 2015!!!


Credit Cards Now Accepted!!


Hey, everybody! Con Kasterborous has moved up to modern times! We are now able to accept credit cards at the door! So bring your credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash! As for credit/debit cards, we will be able to accept anything that PayPal Here can process. That means we will be able to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express! Allons-y!!

Pre-reg extended til midnight Sunday, June 22

Great news for all you procrastinators out there!! Online registration has been extended until midnight, Sunday, June 22!! Hurry at get your passes now and save yourself a little money! It’s only $55 for a weekend pass if you buy it online now. It jumps to $60 at the door on Saturday, June 28!

Schedule/Last Minute Pre-reg updates!

There has been several changes to the schedule. As soon as the final schedule is finished we will be posting it.

*Online Registration will close at midnight on June 20th,which is this Friday. The 2 Day price is $55 until then. You will be able to purchase 2 Day and/or 1 Day (Sat or Sun) at the door. At the door prices are as follows::::
2 Day Pass…$60
Saturday only… $35
Sunday only…$30

See you soon…

2014 Con Layout and Schedule now available!

The great thing about the hotel is that the rooms are all together, thus there is really no way you can get lost and you can jump from one activity/room to the next! When you enter The Westin, there will be signs pointing you to where you need to go. It’s as simple as walking down the hall and you’ll see our registration tables. If you pre-registered online, simply give the table your info and you’ll be good to go. Otherwise you can register on the spot.  Click the image below for a bigger view!

Con Layout 2014

Schedule of Events / Panels

Please download/print our schedule from this PDF file (click for file – requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Cosplay Contest info

Cosplay Contest! Dress up! Have fun! Win awards!

Yeah, it’s almost as simple as that. We will be having a cosplay contest again at this year’s convention. There will be age categories, judges choice, best in show, best construction, most creative, and other categories awarded prizes. Cosplay prejudging will take place before the main contest.  Pre-judging is on Saturday from 1-2pm in Panel Room 1.  Then from 3-4pm we will have the actual contest in the main room.

What we ask? Please bring a reference photo, your cosplay registration form (which will be available at the registration desk, or you can fill out a copy by printing it below) and be ready to have fun! (reference photo can be printed out, or shown on phone) Make sure your costume is tasteful. Also if you’d like you can even perform a small skit.


Kasterborous’ Kids Corner


A new idea that we’re trying this year is the Kasterborous Kid’s Corner.  We know some of you with small children may want to catch a panel and may need a safe place for your kid to stay during it.  We have a section setup with some awesome volunteers to keep an eye on them as well as providing games, toys, child-sized TARDIS and other cool activities!  Now, please note that this isn’t a full babysitting service.  While this area is provided to keep your child occupied, it’s only meant to be used in short periods of time.  You are still responsible for the well-being of your child. :)