Food Bank of North Alabama donation drive

Con Kasterborous attendees, we will have food barrels at the registration desk to donate to the Food Bank of North Alabama. Below is the list of things that the Food Bank really needs.  For those that do donate, you will be entered to win a VIP PASS for Con K 2015!!!


The ‘Silence’ Auction

We are so excited to announce that we will be having our first annual “Silence” Auction at this year’s convention. The proceeds from the auction will benefit the Food Bank of North Alabama. Together we can end hunger!


New Guest Announcement – Gareth David-Lloyd!

The staff of Con Kasterborous would like to announce an addition to our guest list for 2014. In association with Lady Soliloque we would like to announce Gareth David-Lloyd. Gareth is the narrator for Lady S’s Enoch the Traveler series, and he’s also known as Ianto Jones from Torchwood. We hope you will all make Gareth feel welcome when he arrives at the Con this year!

Gareth David-Lloyd

GarrethDavidLloydGareth was born in Newport South Wales. He first became interested in the arts at the age of six when he discovered “Hammer Horror” movies. He joined his first youth theatre at the age of 10 where he played a vampire in a play devised by the young cast. After playing a number of classic leads including “Henry V” and “Macbeth” in his teens, he won his first agent playing “Macheath” in “The Threepenny Opera” at the age of 21. Gareth’s first television appearance was with Stephen Fry in the television comedy “Absolute Power” as a Welsh soccer player.

It was three years later that he was cast as the dark and mysterious Ianto Jones in BBC Wales’ Dr. Who spin off “Torchwood” which earned him two more seasons and a Cardiff Bay shrine. Gareth’s post-Ianto projects include SyFy channel’s “Red Faction – Origins”, self- produced indy project “The Casimir Effect” and a second album with his prog-rock band Blue Gillespie.

Gareth is currently promoting his latest movie role, ‘I Am Alone’, and his involvement in Lady Soliloque’s Enoch the Traveler series.

New Guest Announcement – 2 Story Props

Many of the previous year attendees should be familiar with Dalek Braun – the gold Dalek that attends the convention. Well, this year, they are featured as guests!

2 Story Props

Perhaps best known to Con Kasterborous attendees as the creators and operators of Dalek Braun, 2StoryProps is the collaboration between artist David Reimer and engineer Wayne Neumaier to create unique, high quality reproductions from movies, music, comics, video games, and history. In addition to Dalek Braun, notable creations include post Tron era Daft Punk, ODST armor from Halo, a Big Daddy from Bioshock, the Goddess White Sword and Master Sword from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, various deadmau5 heads, and an A7L Apollo moon suit. Their work has received numerous awards and has raised thousands of dollars for charity.

They consider each project they attempt an opportunity to learn a new skill and try various fabrication processes. After a project is complete they publish detailed write up on their blog so others can learn the skills to build projects of their own.

You can find write ups to all their projects on their blog at and receive the most current news from their facebook page at

CK2014 – Guest Annoucement: Sylvester McCoy

And of course, the biggest guest for 2014 – Con Kasterborous would like to welcome Sylvester McCoy, the 7th Doctor, to Huntsville, Alabama!

Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoySylvester McCoy is a Scottish actor. As a comic act and busker he appeared regularly on stage and on BBC Children’s television in the 1970s and 80s, before going on to play the seventh incarnation of the Doctor in the long-running science fiction television series Doctor Who from 1987 to 1989 – the final Doctor of the original programme – and a brief return in a television film in 1996. More recently, he played the wizard Radagast the Brown in Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of The Hobbit.

McCoy became the Seventh Doctor after taking over the lead role in Doctor Who in 1987 from Colin Baker. He remained on the series until it ended in 1989. As Baker declined the invitation to film the regeneration scene, McCoy briefly wore a wig and appeared as the 6th Doctor. He played the Doctor in the 1993 charity special Dimensions in Time, and again in 1996, appearing in the beginning of the Doctor Who television movie starring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. McCoy is thus acknowledged as the actor who, in a way, played the Doctor for a longer “period of time” than any other.

In his first series, McCoy, a comedy actor, portrayed the character with a degree of clown-like humor, but script editor, Andrew Cartmel soon changed that when fans argued that the character (and plots) were becoming increasingly lightweight. The Seventh Doctor developed into a much darker figure than any of his earlier incarnations, manipulating people like chess pieces and always seeming to be playing a deeper game. A distinguishing feature of McCoy’s performances was his manner of speech. He used his natural slight Scottish accent and rolled his rs. At the start of his tenure he used proverbs and sayings adapted to his own ends (e.g. “There’s many a slap twixt cup and lap” —Delta and the Bannermen), although this characteristic was phased out during the later, darker series of his tenure. In 1990, readers of Doctor Who Magazine voted McCoy’s Doctor “Best Doctor”, over perennial favourite Tom Baker. McCoy was the last lead actor to have his face in the Doctor Who opening titles until Matt Smith appeared in the 2012 Christmas special, and the last incarnation to have question marks on his costume.

CK2014 – Guest Annoucement: Andrew Cartmel

New for 2014 is Andrew Cartmel, the script editor for the 7th Doctor. Let’s give him a big welcome, catch his bio below!

Andrew Cartmel

Andrew Cartmel is a novelist, playwright and screenwriter.

His work for BBC television includes a three year stint as the Script Editor on DOCTOR WHO during the Sylvester McCoy era. In collaboration with McCoy and a team of up and coming writers including Ben Aaronovitch, Rona Munro and Marc Platt, Cartmel fashioned a new brand of scripts for the show, arguably darker and more funny than their predecessors that established McCoy’s Doctor as a master-player in dangerous games, a weaver of cosmic strategies, and a powerful and towering enigma under alien skies.

Andrew Cartmel also presided over the introduction of the character of Ace as played by Sophie Aldred — quite possibly one of the most influential Doctor Who companions. And definitely the first to attack a Dalek with a baseball bat.

Together with his team of excellent writers — which also included Graeme Curry, Stephen Wyatt and Malcolm Kohll — Andrew Cartmel set about his Master Plan…
Which was to get the scripts to the production team on time.

Since those lively and memorable days, Andrew Cartmel has been commissioned to write scripts for the TV shows MIDSOMER MURDERS, DARK KNIGHT and TORCHWOOD. He has also toured as a stand-up comedian and his stage play UNDER THE EAGLE was hailed by Time Out London as ‘bitingly funny’.

He has also continued to have an association with DOCTOR WHO in its spin-off media ranging from comic strips in DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE to novels for both the Virgin New Adventures and BBC Past Doctor Adventures ranges. He returned to the role of Script Editor for four stories of Big Finish Productions DOCTOR WHO – THE LOST STORIES range which presented the stories that would have been the show’s twenty-seventh season in 1990.

Lately Andrew Cartmel has been devoting himself to writing crime novels, including a new series of mystery thrillers which feature a record collector turned sleuth.

Watch out for the Vinyl Detective.

CK2014 – Guest Annoucement: Kelly Yates

Everybody’s favorite Doctor Who Comic Book artist is joining us once again – Kelly Yates!

Kelly Yates

Kelly Yates is an illustrator best known for his work on Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time, Doctor Who: The Forgotten and various covers and one-shots for IDW Publishing. In addition, his writes and illustrates the creator-owned books, Amber Atoms and MonstHer. His work also includes toy designs and movie design concepts for Hasbro properties such as Spider-Man and G.I. Joe.

His passion for art, especially comic book art, stems from a family road trip out to California when he was 12-years old. On the way back, his family stopped at Yellowstone National Park for the night and to his distress quickly discovered they had no TV’s in the entire building. Luckily, the gift shop had a few comic books and he’s been reading them ever since.

Visit Kelly Yates’ official website at!

CK2014 – Guest Annoucement: LadyS

Bringing back a fan favorite for 2014 – LadyS!

Lady Soliloque (Lady S)

Lady SLady S is a genuine and bonifide Southern Lady. She is an author who also excels in video editing, audio production, public speaking, and hosting terrific themed convention dances. She adores guesting at and participating in SciFi conventions and she will be the first to tell you that above everything else she is a Geek and a Fan and all Geekie Fans need to have fun!

The international release of her new Science Fiction series, Enoch the Traveler, was celebrated in 3 countries with a live streamed international release party on January 11th and followed up with a smashingly successful Barnes & Nobles signing event the following weekend. The audio dramatization of Tempestas Viator, the first book in the series, premiered February 22nd and includes an international cast along with well-loved BBC Doctor Who/Torchwood actor Gareth David Lloyd as the narrator.

The excitement surrounding Lady Soliloque’s new series is palpable as it comes with a full line of exclusive costuming and merchandise from AbbyShot Clothiers, gadgets and reproductions from Warfire Forge, a full original composed score and theme, a licensed RPG to be released this summer, and a full promotional tour leading into the 2015 release of the second book in the series.

Lady Soliloque and Enoch the Traveler has also teamed up the Second Harvest Food Bank/Feeding America to create Joshua’s Apple. A percentage of every book sale goes directly to the food bank and donations are collected at all the Enoch the Traveler appearances. Together we can end hunger in the Multiverse!

As an author Lady Soliloque has years of published credentials including short stories and the popular original novels, The Oubliette 1 & 2 and Immortalis Venatio, but her fan base exploded when she wrote the four book Doctor Who novel set, Tempus Temporis. The Doctor Who novels were so successful that she turned them into an audio drama in the style of Big Finish, complete with a worldwide cast and full 3D sound effects. Two seasons, 13 episodes, behind the scenes tidbits, and over a million downloads later, Tempus Temporis was nominated and received several awards, most recently an honorable mention from the Geekie Awards.

In her spare time, Lady S creates and edits Fan Videos which she posts on her YouTube channel and shares with several fan pages and websites. Her award winning videos have also increased her fan base immensely, clocking over a million channel views.

For more information on the Lady Soliloque:
For more information on Enoch the Traveler: